3 best ski resorts in Russia

Russia has all the conditions for the development of a ski sports and in recent years has been actively using them. In addition to the restoration of old cable cars and queues, there is an active construction of new, more modern designs that meet world standards. Among the most popular ski resorts in Russia, the following three Dombays are markedly distinguished. This resort object is known to all lovers of skiing, both beginners and professionals. In addition, this sanatorium town is famous for its clean air with healing capabilities. The doctors of the 19th century noticed its effectiveness in the fight against pulmonary diseases and went here to improve health. The ski resort is located on the territory of the Teberdin reserve. The majestic mountain peaks of the Caucasian Range surround the territory of Dombay from all sides. Sharply defined peaks create stunning beauty landscapes. Height changes in the resort – from 1600 to 4000 meters. The level of service in Dombai may be inferior to the resorts of the alpine mountains, but this place clearly wins in terms of beauty and primordiality of the formidable nature of the mountains. In addition, life here is simply seething – the infrastructure pleases with its rapid development. There are various types of housing – from five -star hotels to small private. There is also a huge selection of places where you can have a delicious lunch after outdoor activities, and thanks to high competition among institutions, they cannot but please the prices of Elbrusier. The mountain peaks of the main Caucasian ridge and the resorts of Elbrusya have long become the venue for all -Russian and international sports. The active development of resorts began in the 60s of the last century, and in recent years only intensified. Thanks to the unique combination of natural climatic resources, as well as the constantly increasing interest of tourists, Elbrusier has become one of the best Russian ski resorts. The famous highways of Mount Elbrus are perfect for novice skiers, and Mount Cheget is a call to any athlete to a professional. For the comfort of vacationers, all possible conditions are created – the rental of equipment, the services of guides and coaches, various types of housing and abundance of cafes and restaurants resort Krasnaya Polyana. The resort is located in the Western Caucasus and near the Black Sea, which gives an amazing opportunity to combine rest at a ski resort and on the sea coast. The resort was chosen by the venue of the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. Thanks to the unique Mountain Climate, the skier season lasts from May to October. The average air temperature for red clearing is about + 25 km of a publicly accessible road for descents and 6 cable roads are designed for lovers of outdoor activities. In addition, horseback and bicycle walks are organized along beautiful mountain slopes and protected forests. Red Polyana is often called “little Russian Switzerland”, thanks to the unique beauty of nature and high -class service.