Features of rest in Egypt.

The best vacation for the majority of the population is the journey. Recently, Egypt has become the most visited country. To obtain the best emotions and impressions, it is necessary to consider the shortcomings and advantages of relaxation in this country.

Let’s evaluate the positive aspects of choice in favor of Egypt. Of course, the most important component of each vacationer is the presence of the sea. Yes, there are many countries with access to the sea and a sunny beach, such as: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey. But if you compare them at the price and time of the air transmission, then you cannot find the best resort than Egypt. The Red Sea is one of the cleanest, and rivers do not fall into it.

Egypt is known among tourists with its pyramids and of course Sphinx. You can spend time with benefit in museums. Real mummies are presented among the exhibits, their age is more than 1 thousand years. You can not only consider them, but also acquire many different souvenirs. The Nile River since ancient times was considered a powerful and great, having retained its powerfulness, and today it attracts tourists. Tourists are the most important source of profit to the state treasury, so the scope of tourism is developing from year to year.

Everyone knows that it was on the desert of Egypt that Moses drove the Jewish people. There is a mountain on which Moses received 10 commandments. It will be interesting for many to visit the sacred places where the Lord’s leg once stepped.

The weather not only contributes to traveling through attractions, but also allows you to enjoy sunlight and sea all year round. But one should not forget about the night temperature, sometimes it reaches a minus. To the features of rest, you can add the presence of beautiful gardens where exotic flowers are grown. Some copies rarely can be found.

Unlike other resorts, the prices for trips to Egypt are pleasantly surprised by their small cost.

But also do not even forget about the back of the medal. There are also resting rest in Egypt. Despite a good vacation, do not forget about your safety. Unfortunately, in Egypt there are automobile disasters that scare away tourists and are the main drawback. There is only one advice – beware of distant travels and if the weather is too hot, make preference to stay on the beach and relax in the sea.

Arriving here, you can encounter a problem such as a requirement from you with a tips. If you think a person’s work is worthy, pay. But still the persistence of people sometimes begins to get out of himself, try to be humane and take into account the local rules and traditions.