Hotels and hotels Mecca

If you decide to visit the surprisingly beautiful and mysterious Saudi Arabia, you must certainly get acquainted with the customs and morals that reign in this country. Here you will have to forget about violent entertainment and frivoli, otherwise you simply risk spoiling your trip not very pleasant communication with the local “moral police”. Mecca, a sacred city in which, according to legend, many centuries ago the Prophet Muhammad was born. The city is one of the most famous and visited places in the world. Here are such unique historical attractions as the Kaaba mosque, in which the famous black stone is located, from which the bypass of local shrines begins.

Mecca has many hotels of 3.4.5 stars, including the luxurious Le Meridien Makkah, the magnificent Dar Al Manasek, etc. D. Here, guests are offered improved conditions for accommodation, high -quality service of the international level, as well as a good rest.

Mecca hotels are located near the most interesting and well -known attractions of the city, which, for sure, will like travelers looking for new impressions here.