Hotels Krasi

A small town with the same name of the same name is located on the coast of the Kraby River, which has become very popular among tourists of the whole world in the past few years. The local landscape is mainly islands and limestone cliffs, which attracts tourists no less than a high level of service, including German management.

Crab hotels are always ready to meet you and provide high -class service. To your taste, you can choose not only the location of the hotel relative to the sea, but also a different level of accommodation: in addition to the stardom, the rooms are also divided into the class “economy”, “luxury” and “family”, which will allow you to accommodate the most comfortable.

In the rooms 3* you will find a TV, Wi-Fi, satellite or cable TV, and you can also use the services of the laundry and hairdresser. Hotel offers with a category of 4* are in separate bathrooms, the presence of a safe and a mini-bar, a pool and a restaurant, the issuance of sunbeds and sun loungers for rest on coastal beaches. 5* give the opportunity to watch the Andaman Sea directly from the window or from the balcony of the room, visit the restaurant, large and children’s pools, get the training in diving, snorkeling and underwater swimming. Even more comfortable living conditions are offered by Phuket Hotels.