How much does it cost to go to Tunisia?

It depends on different things. You can go for six hundred dollars, or you can for a smaller amount. To find out how much it costs to go to Tunisia for the least price, for this you need to be able to buy a “burning” tour, such tickets are sold with a discount of up to fifty percent. If you take it as it is, then it can cost, from thirty, to forty -five thousand rubles. Tunisia, this is an amazing country and it is located in northern Africa. In addition to relaxation on the beach, tours of historical places are organized there, for example, to Carthage or medieval Roman fortresses. Tunisia resorts attract tourists with modern hotels with a high level of service, many restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, bazaars. Entertainment programs are arranged in hotels themselves. Night clubs, casinos, discos operate in Tunisia. So, if you are financially not limited, then the question is how how much it costs to go to Tunisia, should not worry you. There are many places where you can spend any money. If you buy souvenirs, this will need additional money. But there are many things cheap. For example, a hookah costs three dinars, it is less than three dollars. You can change the currency anywhere, the course is fixed everywhere.