How to choose a hotel for relaxation

The most important issue that arises, going to rest in another country, is how to choose a hotel. This issue needs to be resolved in advance in order to be able to book a room in the country. Some people do not attach importance to the hotel and rely entirely on the competence of a travel agency. As a result, they have a spoiled rest and continuous misunderstandings. First of all, you need to pay attention to the star of the hotel. But the presence of stars is far from an indicator of value. Since there are hotels whose star is lower, and the cost of living in them is higher, it depends on the owner and administration of the hotel. For example, cheap hotels in Hamburg – this does not mean poor maintenance and dilapidated interior, despite the moderate cost, the guests of these hotels have everything necessary with the careful attitude of the maintenance personnel. But not all hotels support the star classification, these include European countries, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia. In other countries there is another classification. For example, in Greece, hotels have a letter designation, here D corresponds to category 5 stars, and b-2-3*, the letter C in the designation of the hotel means category 1-2 stars. At the same time, in the hotels of Greece, correlated with European 4-5 stars, there may be no necessary set of shampoos, soap or minibar. And in the UK, on ​​the contrary, even in a one -star hotel there is everything that a person needs to live. Turkey hotels do not shine with the level of service, but they have a variety of entertainment for guests, places of rest in hotels are organized, and rooms have a large area than in similar hotels in Europe. In addition to stardom, you need to pay attention to the organization of food at the hotel. The letter designation BB means breakfast, NV is half a panic, that is, two -time power, FB – power 3 times a day, that is, a complete guesthouse. Most often, domestic tourists choose the All Inclusive system, but if your budget is limited, it is quite possible to take a number without three -time power, since all resorts have cafes, restaurants and bars where you can eat deliciously. But if you have chosen cheap Budva hotels, then you do not need to refuse food, the price at the hotel is quite democratic, so living in Budva hotels will cost you very inexpensive. In general, there are several parameters that need to be paid attention to and by which you can distinguish the category of the hotel: the size of the room and its equipment size and the situation and the situation of the Hall, the hotel restaurant number of elevators are the frequency of cleaning and changing linen in the room The presence of a fitness center, pool and other Infrastructure Availability of additional services; remoteness from the sea and panoramic view from the number.