How to feed in Egypt?

If you get to the Egyptian breakfast, then you will have an unforgettable impressions. To find out how they feed in Egypt, it is advisable to go there. Flyafili or foul is usually served for breakfast. These unusual dishes consist of beans that are very popular in Egypt. To cook a foul, beans must be boiled, then seasoned with vegetables or sauce.

For the preparation of felafili, the beans are turned into a single mass and vegetarian cutlets are baked from it.

On the table, there will certainly be a sauce of Tekhin, consisting of nuts, sesame seeds, various spices and olive oil. During eating, local residents are soaring bread into it, which is also unusual for us. In the morning some kind of fresh vegetable salad is served. Breakfast is washed down with cold crama.

No tourist will forget how they feed in Egypt, because this is unusual food. Egyptians eat tightly during the day. Bobs called Koshar also go to lunch. These are boiled beans, lentils or beans, but with fried onions. Wrink lunch with “fiery” liquid. The Egyptians drink her with pleasure, and in Russians she causes a cough and tears. Everyone who knows how they feed in Egypt, there will be, there is anything. After all, there is food unusual for people of a different nationality.