Margao Goa

Margao is the most ancient city of Goa and the second in its size in the state. This is a unique city in which Indian and Portuguese traditions fancifully intertwined. In addition to its obvious historical and cultural significance, the city is the main transport hub of staff. It is from here that it is most reasonable to start your acquaintance with Goa and neighboring territories. The traveler has the largest railway station in the region and excellent bus communication with almost the entire staff.

If you go to Margao (Goa), then you are at the point where the best beaches of the southern part of Goa begin. And this is not only amazing sand and magnificent nature, but also the most respectable resorts and hotels of India. A wonderful climate, many historical and cultural monuments, the purest beaches and the opportunity to study the features of ancient cities that have formed under the influence of completely alien to each other, make Margao an excellent place to relax. Moreover, if you want to understand what Goa is, you just need to stay in the city for a day.

Despite the fact that it is an Indian city, the presence of the Portuguese is very felt here. First of all, this concerns the architecture of the city. Colonialists, invading the city, destroyed significant Hindu shrines, having built their churches in their place, therefore, in Margao (Goa), the number of churches are still more than any other religious buildings. You will certainly find a lot of interesting churches and temples, and among them, for example, the most magnificent of the churches of Goa is the Church of the Holy Spirit, as well as the chapel, from which an incredible view of the city – Monte chapel opens up. In addition, there are beautiful mosques, as well as Hindu churches of Vishnuists (a little south of the city). In general, the city is famous for its religious traditions and history. For example, it was here that the first community of Vishnuis arose.

In addition to buildings of the Middle Ages, the city is known for its rather mysterious caves. These caves, known under the general name of Pandava, were founded in the fifth-sixth century and represent man-made caves belonging, apparently, Buddhist monks. There are five cave halls decorated with frescoes and inscriptions in total. Here you will find the most beautiful waterfall in the state, and maybe all over the world. It is located near the city with Arvalia.

This is far from a complete list of what Margao Goa can hit you. After all, even just wandering around the streets of the city, you can discover a lot of interesting and unexpected.