Ski resorts and their features.

Winter is coming soon, which means the opening of the season of skiing. Each skier knows that only mountains can be better than mountains. What to do when some mountains are not available in finances, while others are far away (ski resorts in Europe and our Caucasian mountains). There are good ski resorts in the Urals in the very center of the Russian Federation. I don’t have enough time to describe everything. I will dwell on some of them. In the Magnitogorsk district there are two wonderful, excellent ski resorts: “Abzakovo”, “Bannous”. The mountains, although small, are amazing with their majestic landscapes, their immense beauty, excellent tracks, and accessibility both in distance and in prices. The height of the mountains is 1050 meters in the resort area. The height changes are about 500 meters, the descent length reaches three kilometers. Slope angle somewhere from 10 to 20 degrees. A large number of tracks for beginners, for professional skiers, as well as for lovers of extreme and freeride. Such a set of temptations will satisfy even claiming skiers. Mountain resorts are equipped with modern lifts (booths) of the gondola type, on the “banner”, in “Abzakovo” there is a charming and towing lift. These two resorts are well developed by infrastructure. There is also everything for a normal vacation. The peculiarity of these resorts is that if in one resort the weather, snowfall, a blizzard, and the other will have beautiful clear weather, and between them a distance of only 20 km, which is why you can easily and simply ride like one, so on the other. Resorts are in great demand and popularity, which is why recreation fans can contact the tour agency, this tour includes travel, food and accommodation and visiting the store. In the presence of a large number of economy classes, as well as comfortable apartments. For lovers of independent relaxation and travel there are many proposals for placement near the slopes. These are cozy apartments, with the necessary for living, in the kitchen, everything is equipped for cooking, there is a cafe nearby where you can inexpensively order to eat and drink. Accordingly, you can rent ski equipment at inexpensive prices. There are educational slopes for young children and beginners, and of course other interesting entertainments. In general, we can confidently name that this is a real ski resort. The duration and speed of the descents remain so unforgettable. “Rest” in these parts and soul and body. Even if it is not big, but still mountains.