Visa is not a hindrance to Spain! The fabulously beautiful Barcelona

From Seville to Granada, in a quiet dusk of nights, serenades are heard, the ringing of swords is heard. Do not believe? And check – so it is. There are miracles, there Sancho Pansa wanders, Dulsinei sits on the branches … This is the Spanish Lukomorye. This, not to mention our “all” Salvador Dali.

As you already guessed, we will talk about summer, rest and Spain. Why Spain? Why not? You can, of course, go to the beaten path to the Crimea, Sochi, Turkey, Egypt … But the first two points have already been studied along and across (in addition, the notorious “service”), in the last points, except for the pyramids and the sea, you agree, there is nothing except, except Crowds of varying degrees of sobriety of compatriots … And Spain – except the sea and the ocean (look at which card yourself), also one of the cradle of European culture. So, what to touch and what to stare at – there is always.

The only thing that stops in the effort to visit this country is a visa is needed. And this requires some body movements to collect the necessary package of documents, submit it to the consular department, and so on. But, on the other hand, this is what almost guarantees you the absence of “crowds of compatriots of varying degrees of sobriety”.

If you, nevertheless, decided to go to Spain (and to any other “visa” country), you will need to strain. At least find out the rules of entry, what documents to collect. And even where to collect them? For example, the same certificate of disgust. Yes, you have to contact the police-police and about this. And, as they say, “all this is pretty”. Of course, the prices are not sky -high, but still there is a “rupe”, there is a “thousand”, and it runs a plus to “run”.

Of course, thanks to demand, there are already special firms that carry out “feasible help” when drawing up visa documents. As they say, “business and nothing personal”. For a certain bribe, you will be helped to collect documents, submit them to the consulate, and they will pretend to be an estimated cost of a visa to Spain, or to another country to which you will want to go. By the way, the cost depends on a bunch of parameters: here is the number of people, and the purpose of the trip, and the “reusable” of visas ..

After that, it remains only to wait for an answer from the Spanish royal diplomacy. By the way, Russia’s citizens are lucky in this regard – they have a low percentage of failures, unlike neighboring Ukraine. There is no secret here. Russians go to Spain to rest and spend money that is far from superfluous during the crisis (and he does not think to end in Europe). Ukrainians go “to work”, and in Spain, one of the highest levels of unemployment, so that it also undermines it “illegal immigrants”. In general, you can summarize that if you just want to relax, you most likely will not have problems with a visa.

And with a visa in a pocket, and with a plane ticket – welcome! Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Granada, Seville, Serenada, ringing of swords and glasses with Spanish wine! The Inquisition Museum to exchange experience, the most bizarre architecture in the world – everything is here, in Spain.