We rest on about. Bali

Recently, a vacation has become more and more popular on the whole well -known about. Bali, he is very popular among our compatriots. And this happened not in vain. A small island washed by the Pacific Ocean has truly become a paradise for many for many.

Now no one will believe that only, some fifty years ago, this colorful and picturesque island was a hippie pilgrimage from all over the world, which came and lived here without any amenities in tents alone. But this did not last long the government of Indonesia, after half a century it created excellent infrastructure on the island for tourists from around the world. Now Bali is an excellent resort place with many hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes. In addition, the price of vouchers for Bali has become accessible to many tourists, since tours have become very popular and prestigious.

The area of ​​the island is not significant, but despite this the landscape is very diverse.

Only at Bali you will see, and nowhere else rice fields-terraces, amazing lakes of volcanic origin, amazingly colorful beaches and palm groves.

Connoisseurs of special natural beauty will be delighted with the real active volcano, real fire -breathing land, craters, all this you will see at Bali. Delightful and unforgettable impressions will be guaranteed to you for a long time! On the island you will find wonderful resorts that will give you a lot of charge and energy, if you want to completely tear yourself away from the hustle and bustle, then the nusa dua resort will be to your taste. If you prefer night entertainment and extreme, then the Kuta resort is suitable for you. In any case, no matter what place you choose for relaxation, you will still be satisfied. On the news portal about tourism Proturista. ru you can find all the necessary information about tours on O O O. Bali.

The price of a ticket for Bali is certainly not available for everyone. And the high price is formed, first of all, due to the high cost of flight in Bali. The average cost of flight is about 600-800 US dollars per person. Hotel living in a hotel costs from a thousand dollars per person. The cost of the ticket is highly dependent on the season and on the availability of stars at the hotel. So, for example, the average four – five -star hotel per person with a morning breakfast for two weeks can cost an average of two to two and a half thousand dollars.

Smart prices for tours in Bali, it will significantly depend on the star of the hotel of stay, so living on an average three -star hotel will cost from $ 26 per day. You will have to lay out from $ 55 per day per day per day per day, a five -star hotel will not be more expensive. Well, for the most comfortable hotels will have to be laid out from $ 105.

It is worthwhile to especially note the prices for burning trips for Bali, which differ significantly in price, so a ticket to rest at the All Seasons 4 hotel 4 stars lasting twelve days will cost only 58 thousand. rubles. And the trip and rest in the most luxurious hotel Anantara Seminyak Bali in nine days you will have to lay out 96 thousand. rubles.

They themselves are valuable on Bali are quite low, drinks and food are very cheap, a simple lunch in a cafe can cost an average of only five dollars. For ten dollars you can have a great dinner in a good restaurant.

If you want to have a good rest and gain a lot of impressions, then the rest on Bali will be the best option.