Weimar’s inexpensive hotels

Johann Sebastian Bach, Ferenz Liszt, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche – all these famous people lived and worked in Weimar, and some spent their whole lives there. Only these names are already saying that there is something to see here. In addition to museums, there are many architectural monuments, so this small town has 26 hotels of different levels and aimed at different visitors. Weimara hotels, such as Hotel Kaiserin Augusta, Dorin Am Goethepark Weimar, Romantik Hotel Dorotheenhof, are perfectly equipped for relaxation, and even a fey tourist will find a hotel to his taste. By booking Weimara hotels 3.4.5 stars, guests can visit the sauna and solarium, steam room and gym, as well as order cosmetic procedures. Some hotels are located in historical buildings and are included in the UNESCO list. Therefore, guests with high requirements will be pleased to relax in the hotels of Weimar. Well, what is offered for an average tourist? He will also be able to find the hotel to his liking and get the necessary set of services and comfort. Weimara cheap hotels, although not located in such commemorative places, but excellent service and everything that is needed for relaxation will also be provided here. We also offer you to use the services of our air booking service to Germany.