About rest in England and not only

Now the time is time. To spend your vacation perfectly, you can go to such countries that you can remember with pleasure. A wonderful country in England, the capital of which is London. This is the largest city in the European Union. There are a lot of attractions in London. We pay our attention to some of them. The famous hero of the detectives Sherlock Holmes lived (invented) in London. Despite this, in this city there is a Baker – a street house -museum of Holmes, which was described in the greatest detectives. You will feel the atmosphere of that time and may feel like Dr. Watson or Sherlock himself. The Buckingham Palace is famous for its unforgettable luxurious beauty. This palace is valid in which the office of the monarchy is located. Here you can see a beautiful nature, waterfalls, lake, flamingos, royal carriages, etc. D. England is part of the UK. It is customary to wear school uniforms in educational institutions. For the first time, she appeared at the time when King Henry VIII was on the throne. In England, each school has its own form, using individual school symbols. This country is not only unusually beautiful, but also interesting.