The United Arab Emirates is a unique state located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Seven separate emirates, united in a single whole, offer a rich selection of attractions and types of recreation. In this amazing country, deserts are close to the sea coast, and the largest cities, which have grown from small villages for half a century, are fascinated by ultramodern architecture, huge green parks and grandiose mosques that harmoniously combined with fortresses of the 17th century.

In the UAE, everyone will be able to find a vacation to their liking. The pure warm water of the Indian Ocean, coral reefs and a rich underwater animal world will delight lovers of diving or beach holidays. Wide sandy beaches, offer the highest level of comfort, and thanks to modern technologies, you can make a fascinating underwater trip to the bathyscaphe or visit the largest oceanarium throughout Asia.

Those who are attracted to fantastic skyscrapers and chic five and seven star hotels, just need to visit the capital of the UAE Abu Dabi and the famous Dubai. These two cities are business and tourist centers in the country.

Each of the Emirates with his capital is distinctive and not like a neighbor. And in each of them you will plunge into the world of the ancient East and at the same time amazed at the beauty and uniqueness of modern quarters, hotels and parks. And the wealth and variety of famous eastern bazaars will remind you of the romance of fairy tales of thousands and one night.

A flat desert and a sea strip, ennobled by modern beaches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, is replaced by the al-Hajar mountain massif and the rocky coast of the Indian Ocean. In this region, instead of spacious direct metropolitan prospectuses, quiet streets of ancient quarters dominate, and the famous pearl markets act in our time.

In the north of the country, desert landscapes are replaced by the thick greenery of magnificent fruit gardens and huge oases that Emirat Ras-El-Haima is famous for. The fertile lands of this region provide exotic fruits not only of the UAE, but also many countries of the world.

The ancient capital of the emirate was founded in the 7th century AD. Many ruins of prehistoric cities and burials related to the Iron Age were found in this territory. Among the mountain ridges from under the ground, hot keys beat, which gained the world’s glory of healing sources. Tourists from all countries of the world come here to get natural hydromassage and plunge into radon baths.

In the UAE you will find a lot of incredible adventures. On the same day, you can ski in a gigantic covered with a ski resort, and go to the trophy-raid on the velvens of the desert on jeeps or ATVs. Having soaked in the shadow of palm groves and pools of modern water parks, you can go to the settlements of the Bedouins, broken in the middle of the desert, and spend time in the harsh romance of the desert.

After outdoor activities, you just need to go on a trip to the markets and bazaars, where you can buy curcked carpets and jewelry created by skilled craftsmen, as well as try unprecedented sweets and spices. In every emirate there are many huge markets with centuries -old history, which are so famous for the Middle East.

Having chosen the desired route, in the Emirates you can spend three days and a whole month. But every day on this journey will be saturated with vivid and unforgettable impressions, and your life will be provided with the highest level of comfort, which is the hallmark of the UAE.