Active rest in Dubai

You are not one of those who can calmly sit still more than half an hour. You do not think of good rest without sports and other active entertainment. Dubai will not allow you to miss you.

More recently, the only source of Dubai’s income was the extraction of pearls, and in order to maintain the ancient tradition of the diving center, the Pavilion invites those who wish to master this craft. Using only traditional devices, you will try to dive to a depth of about five meters and, if you are lucky with the catch, you can grab trophy pearls for memory.

Anyone, as a rule, is not included in the lists of the best areas for diving lovers, but beginners and “experienced” do not regret if they take the opportunity to get acquainted with the local marine fauna.

Now from sea depths we will rise to the surface. Conquer the wave, balancing on a surfing board, ride with a breeze on water skiing, catch the wind with a sail – which only water sports have not come up with, and there is no one in which you could not try your strength by visiting Dubai.

Having swallowed sea water, we will move to solid soil. What oak can boast, so we will get out for golf lovers. This sport is very developed here. Fields of local golf clubs meet the standards of world championships. Even if you have never drove the ball into the hole, it’s time to try, especially since here you can start your training with lessons at the prestigious BUTCH HARMON golf school, which is in Dubai athletes City.

And now we will get out of the city, retire from civilization and find ourselves in the power of a desert, scorching sun, sandy dunes. The train from sand from bugs or jeeps will turn out to be quite extreme. An experienced guide will sit behind the wheel, and if you wish, you yourself can take a couple of driving lessons in the desert conditions. It is also possible to rent skiing and evaluate their cross -country ability in the summer on sandy slopes.

Weary of the sun, let’s rest a little, and so as not to get bored, we will admire the real Arab horses on one of the local hippodrome. In Dubai there are 4 and in the winter months here every evening races are held. If you are covered by an insurmountable desire to saddle a retreating horse yourself, you can satisfy it in one of the local horse clubs.

Camel jumps are more traditional for the emirate. The audience during these competitions usually does not hold back emotions, and if you are an avid fan, you will be able to harmoniously join this crowd of madmen, just like they, crazy with speed and excitement.

As you can see, Dubai kindly took care not only about amateurs to “fry” in the sun and get a couple of rare trophy things in shopping centers. For each love of sports entertainment, there is a lesson, inventory and an experienced instructor, if necessary. So feel free to go to this oasis of civilization in the middle of the Arabian desert in pursuit of sports achievements.