Active rest in Turkey

Real Eden

Today Türkiye is one of the most visited resorts. Moreover, they go there mainly not for extreme and outdoor activities. And for relaxing. The “All inclusive” system gives Russian tourists all the joys of life. They have already decided everything for them and everything was invented. And this, of course, is paradise, real Eden! But Türkiye can generously give other pleasures! She knows how to delight and delight. Delight! Give real adventures.

Water adventures

Türkiye is just a fabulous country with magical nature. It actually takes a breath away from her. And the beaches! Like from a picture. There are sandy and strewn with small pebbles. The mountains are very picturesque in this country. You can go there with a backpack for the whole day.

I advise you to diving fans of the sea. True, they say that in the Turkish day sea is not as interesting and picturesque as, for example, in the Egyptian. But, I assure you, there is still something to see. Here you can be offered to dive-safari. Well, if you do not want to climb into the water with scuba gear, you can go to an exciting sea cruise.

If all this is not your heart, the soul asks for strong, thrill, then you are a direct road to rafting. Alloying mountain river alloys will not leave anyone indifferent. Rafting gives the opportunity to feel in extreme situations, find out the speed of his reaction, and feel the risk of each cell of his body, finally. Adrenaline in the blood will just go off the way!

Nice with practical

On earth is not boring either. The golf game is very popular here. This game appeared in Turkey back in 1800 and today is considered almost national. We love tennis no less love.

If you want not only to admire local beauties, but also to pump up muscles – choose a mountain bike! Moreover, you can limit yourself to a fitness tour for the whole family (the name speaks for itself), but you can prefer a tour-travel. And see with your own eyes, for example, abandoned Greek cities, tombs, monuments of ancient architecture.

I don’t want to pedal? Choose a horse – riding a ride is very cheerful. And strengthens the muscles, by the way, too.

If horseback riding bored, go ahead on the fraud! For a long time this was considered the entertainment of only the elect, the so -called new Russian.

Well, a separate joy is paraplanerism (flight on a special cloth “wing”). Look at all the beauty of Turkey from a bird’s eye view – you can only dream about it. By the way, in order to combine the pleasant with practical, I advise you to sign up for paralagayding courses. Evaluated in courses from 6 to 12 days, you can get a professional USGHA certificate. Who knows, suddenly comes in handy in life ..

… you can talk about outdoor activities endlessly. But isn’t it better to see all this with your own eyes?!