Active rest in France

Few people know that France is known not only as the capital of fashion, but also as a country with one of the most fashionable ski resorts in the world – the resort of Tin. This ski area is located on the lake in the Espas Killy Valley and is a complex of several towns. Get from one village to neighboring ones is a matter of several minutes, and for the convenience of vacationers there is free bus communication throughout the resort. In addition, there is also a metro there, on which in a few minutes you can get to the very top of the glacier.

Absolutely everyone will like rest in Tin, since there are amenities and entertainment for all tastes and preferences. As for the accommodation for the duration of the rest, tourists are offered numbers of different price categories and variations: there are five -star hotels in the European class, or you can settle in an alpine chalk. The cost of living, as well as the rest in this resort, is quite democratic – apartments for a company of 6 people will cost no more than a thousand euros per week.

Finding extreme entertainment in Tin is as simple as ordering the delivery of stationery to the office in Russia. One of the popular entertainment of tourists from different countries is to skating on a dog harness along the laid routes of the frozen lake. For beginners, there are a lot of ski schools with experienced instructors, there are separately there are snowboarding and skiing lessons for children. Especially for small visitors to the resort, non -hazardous and light routes have been created. By the way, inexperienced skiers should also practice first on light laid tracks. The lifts on unprofessional routes are free, so it is also economically profitable. The most daring extremals can feel the whole charm of underwater, but rather under -ice, winter diving to admire the beauties of the French lake from the inside.

Having satisfied your thirst for extremely, you can find a more calm, but from this no less attractive activity, for example, go to tast the local mulled wine in one of the many restaurants. Or go to a local national restaurant where they prepare Savoy cuisine. Baked potatoes with fresh bread and molten cheese are considered crown dishes. For dessert they will be offered a fondue with a hot drink without alcohol. Rest in Tina is truly pleasure not only for the body, but also for the soul! Real Catai is provided by the company Office – stationery for the office in Moscow