Alexandria Library

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This is the most famous library in the world. There, once, in ancient times, there were half a million ancient books-papyrus. But in 47 g. BC. e. The vault of books became a victim of a fire that arose after the siege of the city by the army of Julia Caesar. Many manuscripts were destroyed.

What remains, transferred to the temple of Serapum. But he was destroyed – on this Christian fanatics. Of course, manuscripts were also destroyed as carriers of paganism. Where exactly the Alexandrian library was located, scientists do not know until that time. Already in the 20th century, thanks to the efforts of the world community, a unique institution was restored. It now collects the most valuable knowledge from the whole heritage of mankind. In total, 1,400 works from several dozen countries took part in the international competition of projects for the construction of the library. The victory then went to the Norwegian architect. They built a building in the form of a circle shining from afar like the sun. It was the God of the Sun – Ra – worshiped the Egyptians. This library has a huge reading room in the world. Among several hundred thousand exhibits are rare books, ancient manuscripts and maps.

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The small town of Luxor is located on the right bank of the Nile, on the site of the capital of Ancient Egypt. It is the World Archaeological Center, which concentrated an incredible number of ancient historical objects, which is of great value for numerous tourists and researchers.

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Cings de Bemarah is the only national park of golden limestone on the island of Madagascar. This unusual attraction has several names: the famous scurvy de Beemarah, but there are also zinji du Bemarah and zinji de Beemarah.

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Sochi is the most popular Black Sea resort, and it is in this corner of our country that the humid climate of subtropics dominates.

Vacation is a vital criterion for a full -fledged human life. In order for the body to gain strength and understand the difference between rest and work, in any case, at least once a year you need to get out for rest.