On our green planet there is a part of the world, which consists of two continents having a location in two hemispheres. North and South America is part of the world America. This gigantic continent is divided into two conventional components and this “conditional” border is laid along the Rio Grande river, located between the two US states and Mexico.

If you move south of the border (Rio Grande River), we will find the so-called Latin America, which is based on the southern continent. The characteristic name “Latin” shows that most countries have state languages ​​of Spanish or Portuguese origin. The impressive group of states of the Caribbean Marine District is attributed to Latin America, although the state languages ​​in which they speak there are not Latin origin – Dutch, English, French.

Two large English-speaking countries of the North American continent are located north of the “Mezhi”-these countries of the United States of America and bilingual Canada. The territory of these countries is spread from the North Atlantic from the east to the shores of the powerful Pacific Ocean from the West. The territory of North America is very rich in freshwater resources, backed up by a large number of rivers and lakes.