Around the world during the winter holidays.

Vacations came up and students are ready for new adventures, they are eager to explore the world. Those who have not yet decided where to go, you can offer several directions that are very popular today.

San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico offers a lot of interesting and here not so closely compared to other winter tourist directions. This place is also called the “island of delight”, because it is interesting, very beautiful, incomparably tasty, and the weather is beautiful. Students who do not have a lot of money can soak up on excellent beaches and make a night’s life. Housing in San Huan is not very expensive, and beer is very cheap.

Panama City beach, Florida, USA. Panama City is very popular among students, especially during the holidays. Here you can find quite affordable housing, especially if you come by a group. This is an ideal place for swimming, water skis and paraplanerism. And with dolphins you can swim here. In Panama City, the fun never ends.

Thailand. One of the best ways to explore Thai’s mysterious life for students is to participate in volunteer activities. Building houses, medical care, child care can be combined with adventures such as bamboo rafting, kayaking, saphars on elephants. During the holidays, it becomes possible to take part in the religious and cultural life of this exotic country.

Montreal, Canada. Students will be happy to find out that in Montreal you can drink alcohol from the age of 18 and there are about 300 nightclubs where you can spend your free time. Accommodation in the city is not expensive, but in winter, it is even cheaper. Near the city you can try a ski descent, and many magnificent rollers are organized in the city itself.

Australia. In Australia, the seasons are turned upside down, so from winter holidays you can get to the summer paradise with cool beaches, endless deserts, national parks and colorful forests. Bears of Koala and Kangaroo, the magnificent Sydney and modern Melbourne, the “big helmet” and Australian football – are waiting for their admirers.

Europe. Europe has been and will be a reference direction among students. They have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history, culture and traditions of European countries during their holidays. Hitchhiking travel is the best way to examine the old continent. Europe is good in all its corners, inexpensive housing can be found everywhere, and it will provide plenty of entertainment.