Visa regime in Turkey.

Today, a simplified regime of entry into Turkish territory, is valid for all citizens of the Russian Federation. A visa can be issued at any customs point when entering the country. In order to issue a visa, the following documents are required: a passport, the validity of which should not end earlier than three months from the date of the end of the visa, voucher or ticket, and should also be at least three hundred US dollars for each person. As a rule, only a passport requires. But, in the absence of all the documents listed, if they are required, they may not let a person into the country. First, a visa fee is paid in a special window, and a brand of a established form is glued into the passport. After that, put a stamp on the entrance to the country. To pay for the brand, it is better to have money without delivery, border guards often do not simply have it. For citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, they issue a two -time visa that allows you to stay in Turkey for a period of two months. For citizens of the former republics of the Union, the rules of stay in the country are somewhat different. So, citizens of Kazakhstan can be in Turkey without a visa at all, and citizens of Uzbekistan must issue a visa at the consulate, and not at the border. Georgian citizens are issued a visa for only 14 days. Citizens of Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan can receive a visa for only one month. If you gathered in the northern part of the Republic of Cyprus, you need to know that this is a separate state from Turkey, and it has its own rules of customs and passport control, but absolutely identical to the visa regime of Turkey. You can import the amount equivalent to five thousand US dollars equivalent to the country. Everything that is higher is better to indicate in the declaration. National currency – the Turkish lyre, can only be exported in the amount of the equivalent hundred US dollars. You can import into Turkey, without paying for the fee, four hundred pieces of cigarettes or fifty pieces of cigars. But, you can introduce simple tobacco, up to two hundred grams. Coffee has a restriction of up to one kilogram. Strong alcoholic beverages can be imported only three bottles per person and two bottles of wine. At the same time, they must be unexpected. You can import gifts into the country and gifts in the amount of two hundred US dollars, and cosmetics and food in accordance with personal consumption standards. Large household items, ¸ such as TV, video systems, washing machines, gas stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens can be imported one copy. But, after the expiration of the stay in the country, all these items must be withdrawn with you. You can also import two cameras, tape recorder or radio receiver, cinema or video camera and laptop. It is better to make jewelry in the declaration. You cannot import drugs, weapons, ammunition, antiques to the country. It is allowed to import weapons only to members of sports teams or hunting clubs. It can be one smooth -bore gun and one hundred rounds to it.