As the Aborigines of Australia are called?

On the mainland Australia, as well as the island of Tasmania and several islands of the Pacific and Indian oceans, three different tribes settled in prehistoric times, two of which can be attributed to the Australoid race, while the searches of the third tribe do not exist. Australian Bushmen, as the Aborigines of Australia, apparently, came from South Asia, overcoming several tens of kilometers through the water. The natives of the islands of the Tressov Strait, most likely, moved to Australia from the islands of New Zealand. There is an assumption that these two tribes lived for some time in simultaneous development, but then it went along different ways. Representatives of these tribes have undergone evolution, and now they differ even in appearance. Tasmanians, as the Aborigines of Australia, who are not currently inhabiting the mainland, once developed, once and at the same time and separately from the remaining tribes, but the English colonization caused the Tasmanians irreparable damage. The last purebred representative died more than a century ago, the Tasman language was lost, only some festive traditions remained.