How to relax in Egypt?

For the one who gathered there for two weeks, with the desire to see the sights, a ticket with a cruise along the Nile is best suited. If you have not yet decided how to relax in Egypt, you can choose a cruise of Cairo Asian-Luxor or Asian-Luxor. If your main goal is to visit the pyramids, then it is better to choose the first option. A tour with a cruise, of course, costs more, but it is justified, since it has already been paid for everything.

If you decide to visit the sights yourself, it will cost twice as expensive. For example, an excursion to Cairo can cost up to one hundred dollars, and to the Luxor, up to fifty. When you are still, you will find out how to relax in Egypt, there will be no problems with this, there are a lot of interesting things.

You can remove a private yacht and go to the coral islands. It will cost from one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars, everything will depend on the class of the yacht. But this is for one, and if there are six people, then this money will be divided into all and it will turn out to be twenty -five dollars from each. But maybe this does not suit you, and you do not know how to relax in Egypt, then evening performances are arranged in the hotels, maybe this will interest you. They are almost everywhere and always free.