Samutracarn known to the world, many attractions and beautiful places. But as you know, all tourists, after hiking and studying the history of the area, want to bring a piece of that world to their homeland in which. And in this regard there is nothing more interesting than visiting the floating market called Bang-Nemo-Pueng. Historically, there was nothing remarkable in this market. He was conceived by the authorities in maintaining residents in order to serve agricultural products.

Speaking about the island of Phuket, lovers of tourist recreation immediately begin to talk about his many attractions with a bated breath of their hearts. There are a considerable number of historical museums, for example, the National Museum of TalaNT or Marine Biological Research Center. On a par with them, there are useful establishments, such as the rehabilitation center for gibbons. And there are just places of spiritual rest. These include the aquarium of the sea and the garden of the butterflies.

What could be more beautiful than enjoying truly royal beauty, looking at the flowering roses. This unforgettable vacation can be obtained by visiting the Rose Garden in Thailand. This botanical garden is impossible to lose sight of or remain dissatisfied with visiting. Only coming here, you will feel honey sweetness in the air from the smell of these divine colors. But of course it is worth saying that not only roses are represented in this garden. Here you can see the most beautiful and rare specimens of the flora.

How rich Thailand is rich in amazing memos. Everyone can find for himself here, something for the soul. But nothing can be compared with an incredibly beautiful zoo that is located forty minutes from the city of Sirach. This is a reserve that will help you enjoy the whole grace and beauty of the tigers. It is called Sriracha Tiger Zoo, which means a tiger zoo. Despite his youth, he managed to take first place among all animal crayfish in all of Thailand. It was founded recently in the ninety -seventh year.

Thanks to Princess Sirindhorn, we can enjoy the most beautiful Thalang Museum, which was opened back in 1989 on March fourteenth. The building that was built according to all the rules of the Thai style sheltered this museum to the joy of all visitors. Its discovery was timed to the celebration of two hundred years since the Great Battle of Thalang. The story that was accompanied by the opening of this museum is quite deserved for eternal memory and worship of the sisters – the heroines, who so frantically cleared their city.