Bahrain – an amazing place to relax

Bahrain is the only Arab state that is located on the islands.

Translated from Arabic, the name of this island means “2 seas”. The development of tourism in Bahrain is put on a row with state programs and therefore every year he is gaining more and more speeds.

Thousands of tourists come to admire the sights of this island annually. First of all, of course, the island attracts a beach vacation, since almost the entire coastline is a huge beach. The hot sun shines here 360 ​​days a year. An interesting fact is that due to his picturesque nature, it was Bahrain from ancient times that was considered the place where the Garden of Paradise Eden was located.

From a bird’s eye view, the island looks very peculiar, since a low plateau is located right in its center, on which several mountains rise. The highest of them is Jeel-ad-Privan, reaches 134 m. Due to the arid climate, the island is mainly dominated by desert landscapes. Tourists have very popular trips on cars in the desert can also ride camels. If you decide to take a walk there, then buy thermal underwear in

The capital of the island is the city of Manam. On its territory, as well as on the territory of the entire island, there are a large number of unique historical monuments, which can rightfully be called the world property. The capital can boast of such attractions as:

Al-Fatekh Mosque-this mosque is known in that its prayer hall can immediately accommodate 7,000 believers. This building is the largest in the country.

Museum of Pearls, which is built in honor of the main source of survival of local residents – pearl production.

Golden Suka market – in which you can purchase precious jewelry for every taste and color.

Not far from the Mount Jeel-ad-Privan, right in the middle of a hot desert, a “tree of life” famous throughout the world is growing. This tree is often called a modern miracle of light. Since it is still not known where it gets water for growth, in such a dry place. Local residents have long been considering this tree a mystical symbol that personifies the resistance of the spirit and the unshakability of the ideals.

Another interesting place that must be visited when traveling to Bahrain is the King-Fahd-Kozuei bridge, which connects the island with the Saudi Arabia Peninsula. There is a cozy restaurant with an observation deck right on the bridge.