Snow -white beaches of Goa

In the yard autumn is the most depressive time of the year, when you literally do not want to do anything. The best option to increase performance in this period is a good vacation somewhere in the south. Not everyone can afford such a pleasure, but if you do not have the strength for further work, you need to knock out a vacation from the authorities and go for warm emotions in one of the hot countries where summer reigns all year round. Suppose that you settled all the questions with the authorities, but another question arises where to go on vacation. If you want to relax in an unusual place, we advise you to forget about Thailand, Egypt, Morocco and go to Goa. Only a few know about the rest in this corner of Paradise on Earth, which is open to all comers all year round.

Rest on Goa is something unforgettable that not everyone can afford, but believe me, it’s worth it! Goa beaches are one of the best beaches on a planet with a snow -white sand that is like snow. It seems that it was not on the beach, but to the shore of the alpine lake, only without mountains and with a warmer climate. If you were not on Goa, then it will be difficult for you to imagine that snow -white sand on the beach.