Beach equipment.

Bathing in warm waves, skating on scooters and catamarans, diving and surfing – this is not the whole list of opportunities to have a fascinating time on the sea coast. It is better to take care of the necessary equipment in advance, so that when you find yourself at the edge of the water, do not waste precious time.

Let’s start by choosing a bathing suit. We will not go into the size and colors – this is the topic for the whole individual article. Most of the swimwear of both famous and unknown brands are made of Italian material consisting of 80 % of polyamide and 20 % of Elastan. This material stretches perfectly and tightens the figure, but it can be exposed to burnout in the sun and fading as a result of contact with sea water. The speed of wear of a swimsuit or swimming trunks depends on the intensity of use. Some advanced manufacturers have already begun to use more durable and wear -resistant material – 100% polyester, while the cost of products is an order of magnitude higher. However, whether it is worth investing a decent amount in the purchase of a durable swimsuit, which will go out of fashion after season or two – the question is controversial.

For lovers of diving swimming glasses will become an indispensable thing. Tightly adjacent to the face, they create an air layer, due to the presence of which the eyes can clearly perceive the objects under water. Glasses are suitable for those who plan to splashing in shallow water, looking at multi -colored pebbles. At great depths, the pressure difference inside the glasses and outside increases excessively, which can cause health problems.

For divers planning to immerse themselves deeper than two meters, a muppy mask is more suitable. When choosing a mask, you should look for a model that provides a good review with a small space inside the mask. The model with a separate ledge for the nose is very convenient, which allows you to easily align the difference in water pressure from the outside and air inside, without removing the mask. To do this, just hold your nose under a silicone protrusion and exhale.

A comfortable scum mask will be well complemented by the breathing pipe. More expensive models can be equipped with a drainage valve, which reduces the amount of water accumulated in the tube. For experienced divers in most cases it makes no sense to overpay for their unnecessary function.

And finally, consider such an important detail of underwater equipment, like flippers. They are indispensable for diving with scuba gear, as well as just with a mask and a tube. In addition, this part of the equipment allows you to develop excellent cruising speed and effectively dissect the waves, gracefully swimming along the vacationingly looking from the shore of vacationers.

The maximum speed allows you to develop a variety of firm -plastic fins. However, such a model has a very small maneuverability, so they are not suitable for immersion with acwalang. For Skuba-Diving (diving with scuba divers) it is better to choose less speedy, but better controlled types. Maneuverability usually increases due to the use of milder plastic, which is bent while overcoming the pressure of the aquatic environment. In addition, to improve flipper management, many manufacturers make grooves or slots in them.

Also flippers differ in type of fastening. For a vacation at sea, it is better to choose a model with an adjustable fastener from behind. And before buying fins, they must be tried on – they have sizes, like the shoes.