Beach vacation with children

So the long -awaited summer, the time of vacations, travel and entertainment has come. Summer is a wonderful time of the year, especially when a specific date is known, and the place of rest is already outlined a long time ago, now it remains only to patiently wait, count the remaining days and conduct leisurely preparatory training camps for the upcoming rest.

As the latest statistics showed that in the summer of this year many Europeans preferred a quiet and calm rest on the banks of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas. In addition, for most Europeans, it is especially attractive that the countries that these seas washed in the immediate vicinity, where many get on the car. Beach holidays, perhaps the best type of relaxation with the whole family with health benefits, especially when children aged 3 to 7 years. The best resorts in Europe, are in advance of preparatory work for the summer season, landscaping hotels and tidying beaches in order. According to experts, today more than 25 beaches of Italy meet all the requirements for family vacations with young children. Assessing the beaches, experts first of all took into account the following important points: the purity of the sandy shore without underwater stones and cobblestones, the width of the beach strip, the cleanliness and calm of the sea, the proximity of the hotel to the sea, and how much the green belt is close to shelter from the midday heat. In addition, experts decided to take into account how well the level of infrastructures is developed. For those who are still at a crossroads and do not know where to go to relax with children, maybe you should think about Italy beaches. Here are a few pleasant places that, in my opinion, are great for family holidays: the beach Marina di Pescoluse – Lecce, Tre Fontane – Trapani, Vendicari – Siracusa, Vasto Marina – Chieti, ISola Di San Pietro and others. This is only a small part of calm and beautiful places for beach holidays with the whole family. Perhaps some people think that such a vacation is too expensive, but you can always understand how right or not you can go to a tourist agency, where you will learn all the prices. There is another option, without leaving the house to see several tourist sites, where there are a fairly large selection of various tours to Italy and other European countries. Despite the fact that prices are often indicated in euros, you can always find out the euro exchange rate for today on Minfin. Com. UA. Having received the necessary information and comparing prices at different European resorts, you will see that it is quite possible to spend summer vacation at sea with children.