Beach vacation in Morocco

Without a doubt, first of all, summer vacation is associated with rest at sea (ocean) and with luxurious beaches. We dream about such a “ram” during a cold winter and a long working day. You can spend your vacation best in Morocco. This African country makes it possible to relax on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which was washed by the northern part of Morocco, and on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, which was washed by Morocco in the West. Morocco sincerely welcomes his guests, because tourism is largely filled with the country’s budget. Given this, Moroccans are ready to create the best conditions for vacationers for vacationers and provide the best service. Among the Moroccan beaches, the beach in the grotto of Hercules is most popular. It is ideal for relaxing with children, because it is very clean and cleaned. It can be called a few cold water, but, despite this, tourists actively visit it. The peak of visitors falls on July-August. The beach of kuemada is no less popular. Clean sandy beach is almost always crowded, and therefore, if you choose it for your vacation, it is better to take your free space on it until 00 in the morning. Fishermen concentrate on the beach Dahno. It is not recommended to sunbathe here, since the beach is very clogged with algae, but take a walk and look at various fishing boats and boats, or you can go fishing here. It is not recommended by tourist operators to sunbathe and swim and on the beach of Aspikha. The sand here is sticky and dirty, and the sea level is very tile. The advantage of the beach is the possibility of walking along the coast and an incredible landscape from this beach, which opens on one of the Spanish islands, which is located several hundred meters from the shore. You can get a luxurious uniform tan on the beach of Lalla Fatma. Here is small golden sand and, most importantly for a comfortable nursery, silence and a littleness. Larash is better for swimming and water entertainment. This friendly, warm sandy beach will give you a lot of positive emotions. The waves here are quite large and dangerous, but this contributes to diving, surfing, skiing. The situation on the water is constantly monitored by rescue teams who are ready to help vacationers at any time. The warm Mediterranean beach is Tanger’s city beach. Although the beach is not completely clean, it is still incredibly beautiful, because powerful Morocco mountains are located around it. Whatever place for your beach holidays you choose, in any case, you will return home with a beautiful tan, reinforced health and good memories.