According to the National Park Yellowstone

If you make your way through the territory of Yellowstone Park to the southeast, then you can definitely stumble on a huge geyser site. It is called West Temb. The tragedy of this area lies in the natural destruction of some of its fires, which occurred in 1988. This destructive fire not only caused damage to the terrain, but also made it more sinister and frightening for tourists.

Moving to the western environs of Yellowstone, there is a special value of a park called an old servant. This geyser has become the property of the country, and its surroundings now supplement the hotel complex, offering its visitors the royal apartments in the territory of no less royal terrain. The main building involves the presence of a chalet in the alpine style, which appeared here at the beginning of the 20th century. But around him you can observe many people on sun loungers who are waiting for the action in the form of a geyser eruption. Bison can come here, completely without violating human joy. And the 55 meter fountain of water, erupting boiling water, does not leave any of the indifferent.

But there is not one giant here, there are also geyser basins nearby nearby. Despite their many, each of them has amazing beauties. Here is the interweaving of clean lakes, with emerald waters, with incredibly yellow shores, and they themselves are connected by the boiling waters of geysers, along with healing mud sources. Due to the large stream of people, geyser beauties are fenced by several paths, and also you can’t throw anything in the water of the sources, since there was a case with the clogged coins of geysers.

Marming up a little north, hidden by picturesque meadows, small flows of waters, two more giants of pools called Norris and Madison are hidden. In one of them is the largest geyser in the world, and its water reaches an eruption in height up to 90 meters, but you can see it very rarely. Yes, and you can only get to a tourist on foot.

Into the depths of the northern part, where the tourist village with a formidable name mammoth is spread. But at his disposal only the paradise cascades of deep -sea and pure bathtubs, next to geyser sources, lakes, and all this extraordinary beauty is spread to a whole mountain valley. But if there are few such beauties, then you should certainly go to the eastern and southern part of Yellowstone, where the amazing beauties of the local waterfalls are located. Some of them simply burst into another beauty of the United States, namely in Big Canyon, with their bright shades.