Big Swiss journey.

The capital of the Swiss Confederation – Bern. Old city is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is not for nothing that he is included in the list of world cultural monuments and the natural heritage of UNESCO. Not far from the station there are former city gates of Bern – Prison Tower. Not far from her, the Dutch tower is almost the first European “smoking room”. The Swiss has long been valued as excellent mercenary warriors. Returning at the end of the contracts, the soldiers brought not only souvenirs, but also bad habits. For example, smoking. In the Middle Ages, local authorities chopped their heads. Here are the violators and hid on the tower to pick up. In general, Bern is a beautiful city. Therefore, without hesitation, use the service of renting a aircraft and go on a fascinating journey. 11 fountains of the 16th century were located on Marktgassa Street. Fountains are very elegant: twisted columns with an elegant figure above, surrounded by flowers. But one is called the “Devourer of the Children” and is a statue of an unsympathetic man who eats babies. Bern is little like the capital. He is quiet, very comfortable, all in flowers. The walls of the houses are covered with painting. What can you just see here! Biblical and historical plots, landscapes, copies of the works of famous artists, muzzles of monsters. Another city chip is numerous arches: if you move around the city exclusively under them during the rain, no umbrella is needed. No less interesting and in the art quarter. You definitely need to look at this, so make an airplane order and fly to Bern. Here, both the art gallery, and the Alpine Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Communications – the eyes scatter. The historical museum is divided into several sectors: primitive, Greek, Roman, medieval and others. And everywhere you can personally participate in historical everyday life – to touch, gathe, and mate.”Heart of Switzerland” – the city of Lucerne. Painted houses with turasnses, ancient signs, frescoes. This will not leave indifferent even the most demanding tourist. To admire such beauty, you can just order a plane and go to a wonderful alfalfa. The attraction of the city is Firvaldstetsk Lake and a wooden bridge. This is the oldest bridge covered with tiles in Europe – Keppelbryukka. This 198-meter miracle crosses the flight of the flight diagonally. No less beautiful and the most famous peak of the Swiss Alps is Mount Pilatus, named after Pontius Pilate. According to legend, his body rests there. In general, all this must be seen with your own eyes. So collect a suitcase and go on an amazing journey through Switzerland.