Botswang transport: Types of transport in Botswana

You can get to Botswana from any neighboring country. From Zambia – on a ferry across the Zambezi River, and then hitchhiker. Local drivers willingly take fellow travelers, however, cars are not too comfortable here, but the fare will cost inexpensively, and the speed with which the tourist will be delivered to the right place, very decent. Three roads lead from Namibia to Botswan, each of which is of good quality. Also, three automobile crossings are connected by Botswan with Zimbabwe, and from South Africa leads many roads, and many of the automobile crossings are valid around the clock. There are almost no direct flights from Europe to the country. You can get to the South African capital of Johannesburg on an airplane, and from there already local flights in Botswana. The country has eighty -five airports, three of them – in Maung, Casan and Gaberon – international. Internal flights are regularly performed between the four largest cities in the country.

Highways and vehicles bots

The total length of roads in the country is about twenty thousand kilometers, of which five and a half thousand with hard coating. Almost all motorways in Botswan are of good quality, and move around them quickly and pleasant. However, travelers should keep in mind that there are very few settlements here, and the distances between them are very large, sometimes two neighboring villages are located in one hundred and fifty kilometers from each other. There are few cars on the roads, local residents catch cars near their settlements, and passing drivers willingly take them. There are practically no public transport in Botswan, it is replaced by numerous minibuses and taxis, which can be easily recognized by blue numbers. Some roads pass in national parks, so tourists have a chance to look at wild animals for free. For example, driving along the Nata -Maun highway, you can see herds of elephants that constantly graze along the road. But stopping stops on the territory of national parks, so the car should be caught in advance. The largest highway of the country of Lobats – Gaboron – Francisktown connects the two main cities of Botswans, as well as the country with neighboring Zimbabwe. Here at any time of the day you can catch a car near settlements or gas stations. In large cities of Botswan, many companies that give cars to rent. In order to rent a car, you need international driver’s license. But it is more convenient for tourists to hire a qualified driver-guide on an SUV, which is well familiar with the features of local highways. There is a railway in the country, however, its length is small and is a little less than nine hundred kilometers. The main route is five hundred kilometers of Francisktown – Gaboron – Lobats, the train passes in eleven hours. Train tickets should be purchased in advance, since getting them is not easy.