Three days in Amsterdam

Known as North Venice, Amsterdam is a city built on the web of channels that boast of one of the most picturesque places in the world. The city can boast of world -class museums, a large architecture and a stormy nightlife, making it an ideal city, to hold a few day breaks in it.

Day 1 – Tour along river channels

Start your acquaintance with Amsterdam by traveling on a ship through channels. This is the best way to see the city and get away from the fuss. After you leave the Centraa station, take a walk down on Damrak Street, until you reach the Lamia Square, one of the most famous amsterdam squares. Here you will also find the Royal Palace. Capture lunch at the Sandwich store, with the funny name “AH”, located at the end of the square on Damrak.

In the afternoon, go to the house of Anna Frank, one of the most popular museums of the city, this exciting place and visiting it will give you exciting experiences. Stay in this area, known as Jordan, reinforce before the night comes, the way you will go to one of the cool bars of the Dutch capital Werck.

Day 2 – Relax in Vondeladark.

Go on a trip to Leidseplein, the second of the most famous city squares. Then cool in Vondelpark for several hours and have lunch in Theehuis Blauwe.

Devote the day to the campaign to the State Museum of Amsterdam, this is the largest museum of the country. At the moment, we will have a major overhaul, but a trip to this museum should still not be lost. Here you will find some of the best works by Rembrandt.

One of the steep areas of Amsterdam is known as De Pijp, which translates as a “pipe”. Go there in the evening, there you will find bars in which locals like to have fun evenings.

Day 3 – on a bicycle!

Take the bike for rent, for the whole day and see Holland on the most popular form of transport. Roll along the charming channels of Jordan before going to Pijp. If you want to pick up something for yourself as souvenirs, visit the market Albert Coumpercard. If you are not going to buy anything, you can at least enjoy looking at all sorts of trinkets, in kiosks, crowded with various interesting souvenirs.

In the afternoon, visit the third of the most famous Museums of Amsterdam – Van Gogh Museum. In which you will find documenting the life of the Dutchman, which will give you an exciting idea of ​​the life of a prolific artist.

Not a single journey to Amsterdam will be complete without visiting his infamous red flashlight quarter. You may not spend the night in this quarter, but you must definitely go there so that in the future you can say with confidence that you know what Amsterdam is.