Choosing a place for recreation for the winter period

Suggesting the opportunity to go on vacation and go abroad, the layman usually begins to think about his plans for the summer period. Meanwhile, today it is completely real to go on a fairly long and interesting journey even in winter. After all, the state gave citizens the so -called Christmas holidays, 10 days, which can be spent with children and family at home – or in any hospitable country.

But winter travels have their own specifics, and this should be remembered, making a decision on the possibility of making such a trip. For example, it should be understood that on the eve of the holidays people travel especially actively, and it should be contacted in a tourist company in advance, preferably – it is desirable – in a month. This will allow you to choose a suitable tour and not rush, miss the last. If the trip is carried out unaccompanied by any companies, it is also worth in advance to book hotel reservations online, so that then without problems provide a document about this when applying for a visa, avoiding a huge number of problems. It is worth repeating: at the last moment, the reservation may be impossible, and you will have to receive tickets, and again spend your well -deserved days at home or visiting relatives. Another nuance concerns the choice. As a rule, alternatives for foreign trips can be traced three. You can either go to rest in the solar tropical countries by the sea, or take up skiing, or go to the study of European countries, having no goal of playing sports or leading an active life, but, wanting to consider sights, get acquainted with the culture. It is worth emphasizing that the last two options for winter are most preferable. Especially for certain categories of people. So, of course, the sun, fruits and sea bathing will be especially useful in the winter, and there is no doubt about it. Perhaps such events will save even from spring vitamin deficiency and depression in the future. But it should be understood that a sharp change in climate, which will be obvious when traveling to the tropics at this time, can greatly undermine immunity and health in general. The acclimatization process will be especially difficult to transfer children, people with chronic diseases, especially the cardiovascular system. Fainting, colds, weakness, the risk of a sunny blow are possible. This vacation option is suitable only for people of completely healthy and self -confident, everyone else is not recommended to leave far from those regions where winter is pronounced. And even on such trips, buying air tickets online or at the city ticket offices should be carried out in advance. After all, already a week before the holidays, sometimes it is not possible to find free flights in the country. In conclusion, it remains only to wish the reader a good rest, no matter what time of the year he chose for this, and advise to follow the mentioned instructions in the winter holidays, and on pre -holiday days in general.