Selective control: Lack of hotels in Turkey.

No doubt: in Turkey, vacationers can find many impeccable hotels. There are good hotels in Turkey Belek, Antalya, Bodrum, etc. The developed infrastructure of the tourism industry does not allow to calmly rest on the old fund. Every year, many hotels, mainly in winter, are closed for reconstruction and updating. But still sometimes guests stop in hotels, which can not be accepted at all. We went just to such places, succumbing to advertising tricks.

If you stumble on the “Side Park Hotel” in Antalya on the Internet, then, as a rule, you can see an advertisement for a pleasantly looking three -star hotel at the Turkish Riviera. Booking portals talk about climatic rooms, TV and minibar. In the pictures, the hotel is shown with light rooms, a good interior and with a bluish basin. Anyone who believes all this and boots – make a mistake.

The audit team was at the Side Hotel and looked at it in more detail. And immediately it became clear: with those photos and an attractive description, the hotel has nothing to do with. The room was dark, the old air conditioner can neither switch nor turn it off, everything was in spots and dirty, the furniture was worn out and broken. The completely unacceptable was dirty, poorly smelling and completely laid mattress. It was no better in the bathroom: the shower was dirty and with mold, the ring on the toilet was shaken, the drainage is disgusting. In addition, there were no towels anywhere. Who wants to live in such conditions if he booked a three -star hotel itself?

Frequent change of names, photos of competitors

During the search, it turned out that this hotel in the past has already changed its name three times! Thus, they obviously try to hide the poor grades of the guests of this hotel on the Internet. In addition, they would like to be confused with a significantly best Park Side Hotel hotel, which is located nearby. Well, the top of the impudence: the hotel for the last time was not only renamed the prestigious and really good hotel “Park Side Hotel” so that people simply do not immediately understand that two words, if not so set, is a completely different matter, but also placed in the Internet photo of a prestigious hotel, pretending them for their.

Tips for traveling

When booking through the Internet, pay attention to that there are as many reviews about this hotel about living in this hotel.

Compare. Often one hotel is offered on several portals at once. Compare both the price and assessment of this hotel. If on several Internet pages you can find the same or approximately the same assessment texts, then we can talk about the manipulation of this hotel.

Document problems and shortcomings during the trip. And the more detailed you can prove everything, the more your chances will be during a complaint or legal dispute. At the same time, make detailed notes, photograph and/or remove any drawback on the camera and, if possible, confirm your impressions by a written or responsible person at the hotel.