City of Dreams.

When the word “France” is pronounced aloud, the air is filled with an amazingly romantic mood that you acutely feel all fibers of the soul. Any girl in love dreams of getting there.

She will be very surprised if her lover brings the flights of Moscow-Kokani, because in Finland it is very difficult to tune in to a romantic way. And only France will help to understand the depth of feelings that young people experience for each other. This country has its own charm, barely perceptible, but clearly visible. It is felt on the streets of cities, guesses in a local color.

All dreams someday come true

Why does every resident of the planet seek to get here? It is very expensive. Czech resorts are cheaper. Less are, first of all, airline tickets. Zadar is a great place, but this is not France.

Everyone discovers something new and interesting for himself in this region. Someone goes on vacation, put a splash on the azure coast, someone dreams of joining the world of big cinema, trying to get to the annual film festival, which is held in Cannes.

A stormy fun will find a thirsty for acute impressions on the carnival in Nice, and lovers of musical peppers will be interested in the international jazz festival organized in Juan Le Pen.

This is a grand event. The musical scene is located at the edge of the sea, in the open air. Acoustics helps dissolve music in the sounds of nature, and an amazing combination of musical accompaniment and sea surfs cannot be recreated artificially.

France loves large -scale holidays. Show, carnivals, festivals, the number of them cannot be counted. They are all diverse. Holidays of wine, berries, city processions – this is only a small part of what happens annually in France. Cultural life in the summer hits the key. But even if you are not going there with certain cultural goals, you can devote your trip to foot walks and acquaintance with city attractions. It will not be possible to get to know the country in a matter of days. It is better to postpone the flights of Lyon-Moscow, and stay here longer.

Be sure to visit Paris

Today, new excursion walks are organized in the capital, which show another Paris. The guides have left the usual routes, which are compiled taking into account the visit to the main official attractions. In the center of the new route is the San Maten embankment, art workshops and metro stations. You definitely are not familiar with such Paris. You can fall in love with such everyday Paris. The main thing would be funds.