Odensa city in Denmark

The third largest city in Denmark is the city of Odensa. It can be called one of the most ancient cities of all Scandinavia. It is he who is the center of shipbuilding the country.

However, for tourists, this city is a sign called the Dania Garden, because it really looks like a beautiful open -air museum. Due to Odensa, thanks to a large number of beautiful well -groomed parks, many estates of the landowners, as well as 14 castles that are located on the territory of Odensa.

It was in this city that the world -famous and world beloved storyteller Hans Christian Anderson was born. Therefore, the city reminds its visitors and residents about this wonderful person, because in many streets, parks and squares, monuments to the heroes of the tales of a wonderful writer are erected. Here you can meet a tin soldier, and a ugly duckling, and a dog whose eyes resembled a round tower. In honor of Hans Christian Andersen, a local library, a museum, a square is named.

It is in Odens that the second hanging bridge in the world is located in the world, which is thrown through the Big Belt Strait. Its length is seven kilometers, and its construction dates back to 1997. It is worth noting that this bridge is so strong and reliable that trains, cars, buses and other types of ground transport are racing along it. If you want to visit this city, then you need to book a hotel.

One of the most significant attractions for the city is the cathedral of St. Knuda, which was built in the 13-15 centuries. It is here that the remains of the Danish king Knud and his brothers rest. It is this cathedral that is one of the centers of pilgrimage in Europe. The cathedral is made in the Gothic style and is a real example of the architecture of this style. Near this cathedral several monasteries and sanctuaries are prolonged. All these religious structures make Odensa a large religious center not only Denmark, but also in Europe.

The city town hall is located next to the Cathedral. Another attraction of Odens, Denmark and Europe is the layout of the Odin tower, which is the second European tower in height after Eiffel. The original tower was destroyed during the Second World War, and in its place there is now its layout, completely restored according to existing projects.

Odension is the most loved by tourists Museum of Hans Christian Andersen, who looks like an ordinary small yellow house in which a fairy tale was born and grew up.