Colorful houses in Las Palmas

Colorful houses on the hill of Las Palmas are one of the most typical landscapes of Las Palmos on the Canary Islands.

Their appearance is a random, happy combination of circumstances. People stained what remained after painting boats from the port of La Lus. As a rule, these were the main colors – yellow, red and blue. Therefore, the roofs are in such bright colors, although the dwellings themselves are modest.

Nearby, we see that the hill is essentially represented by roofs that are located close to each other. Here you can move as a local bus and go down on foot. View of the city and the harbor is just beautiful! And the blue sea. Today people see floating trading ships, and once terrible pirates.

The route for the trip is safe and free. Each street deserves your attention. Kantabria, Heminis, Sahitario, Pisis, Crucian de San Huang, San Felip, Pegaso.

The trip includes climbing up and down the steep steps, which at best are represented by modest green railings. From the elevation to Kantabria Street, the Panorama of the city is really special. At first glance, Mount San Nicholas rises before my eyes. Behind her you will see Mount La Islet, rising above the port of La Lus.