Courchevel, not from the press.

What do we know about Curvela? Billionaires, prostitutes, the most expensive hotels. But this is far from all information. After all, the yellow press does not speak of the natural features and infrastructure of the beautiful French mountain-ski resort, to which there are much more snowboarders and skiers than oil and metallurgical magnates, in which cutlery are sometimes more expensive than service staff of service staff.

Courchevel, like a resort, has gained wide popularity in since then several French mountain villages began to grow with nets of expensive hotels and restaurants. The resort was conditionally divided into heights, and now the cost of services is growing with a height. Let’s start from below, Courchevel 1550 and paying at least about 100 euros per day for the most budget number (bedroom, rank. knot, dishes, Internet – few differences from Russian expensive hotels) You are already looking at the snow -white tops of the Alp from the window. But you will not have to look for a long time, the skiing tracks in Curses begin right from the hotel doors. So it remains only to rent skiing, and go on a trip. However, it is problematic to ski to get to the top, so a huge number of lifts have been built in Courvel, so there are never queues on them. In extreme cases, you can fly by a helicopter, looking at the mountain peaks under the noise of the propeller. Having enjoyed the snowy peaks and tracks, you can only think about which restaurant to dinner. Although you can not worry about this, the most modest establishments have elite alcohol, tea sets, coffee of the best varieties and professional services. Well, at night, if desired and strength, you can walk through nightclubs, this good here is also plenty of. Such a curses in practice, not from the press.

Let’s look up. Courchevel 1850 – The same oligarchic Mecca. The cost of numbers here starts from $ 2,000, but it will have to be booking at least a year. All the business elite and stars of show business, the political bomond of the whole world stops here. But do not look for successful dating in these places. All parties of the elites go strictly at invitation, it is not possible to get there from the street. The maximum that you can count on with such intentions is to meet someone from the top 100 somewhere near the lift, but the probability of paying attention to even less than getting to their room. But you can take a picture with the very last miracles of automotive equipment parked at the entrances to hotels.

Courchevel continues to develop, and receive thousands of guests. The scandals of Russian billionaires did not affect the reputation of the French resort at all, only exacerbating the attention of police and service of hotels to Russians. Which is not surprising, because Courchevel in truth is the place where to visit at least.