Latin American miracle

In this article we will talk about the most beautiful and bright places of North and Latin America. These places are truly incomparable with anyone in the number of emotions that will bring you rest in these countries. As you already understood, this article about. What attractions are there in these wonderful countries and about what places are the most worth your attention.

The first thing we recall at the mention of Latin America is, of course, Brazilian carnivals that are known throughout the world. Incredible in beauty, the number of people and outfits, a procession that lasts several days and combines beauty, grace, beautiful women and amazing dances.

The carnival is carried out, as we already understood from the name, in Brazil, and it begins every year before the great post. Every year, about two million people take part in the carnival, and each of them is seriously prepared and equipped with an amazingly beautiful and bright outfit that will carry you into a cycle of songs, dancing and amazing fun.

In addition to the carnival, you should definitely look at one of the most famous waterfalls in the world – this is the Iguas waterfall, which is also located in Brazil. The unique miracle of nature, which fascinates with its beauty and power, has a horseshoe -shaped form. An irresistible amount of water, which with great force falls to the ground, creates indescribable impressions that you will not receive in any picture or video imitating a waterfall. A real miracle of nature, on which it is necessary to focus on, shock you to the core.

In addition to a waterfall and carnival, your attention will probably be interested in the National Park of Chapada Diamantine. A stunning, environmentally friendly place that leaves no one who gets into it indifferent. Pure air literally blows its head. A place in which incredibly clean, deep crystal lakes, deep caves and a green forest, which (incredibly) remained an untouched man,. A green place amazing in its beauty, a real paradise on Earth. Such a place will surely make the breath of even the most cynical and mundane person will make him a breath, and will make him dream and breathe full.

In addition, Latin America, wherever you are, will surprise you with its incredible nature, which differs from other places not only with exotic birds, animals and plants, but also in that most nature in these forests remained untouched by man.