Dreams of the ocean

How good it is to enjoy a beach vacation when there is no exhausting heat. It’s time to go to the European Atlantic in the velvet season. Portugal luxurious villas preserved in Kashkaysh, a suburbs of Lisbon. Wide sandy beaches, restaurants, where there are always fresh seafood and excellent hotels create a vacation mood. Here you can find show business stars who walk along the pavements, along with tourists folding orchids from corrugated paper. You can get here by train, admiring the picturesque coast on the way. Lisbon has grandiose areas and narrow streets. On the overview terraces you will get wonderful photos. To see the ocean and all its beauty with coastal cliffs, you should go to Cape Rock. A local bus will take you on a mountain track. Here are the landscapes that encourage to dream … Turkey turns out that not far from Fethiye there is a place of Olyudeniz, where the beaches with white sand resemble the Caribbean. That’s just in the velvet season here you can safely rest, because the rest of the time these places are not empty. Excursion to Cappadocia will give exciting impressions. Landscapes in this region were formed by the converting of the volcano. Once in the frozen lava, tribes of troglodytes were built houses. Currently here are hotels equipped with the latest technology. From entertainment, you should try a balloon flight. But during the hours of dawn, it is better to make an excursion and admire the landscapes of Cappadocia. Montenegro journey for a noisy company. Just such tourists can safely go to the Montenegrin Budva. There are a lot of night clubs, so the resort comes to life at night. Svet-Stefan beach will surprise an unusual pink pebble, this place is depicted on many landscapes. Vacationers will be able to enjoy a beach vacation, because this place is a business card of the country. To get acquainted with attractions, go to which. This medieval city has been well preserved since past times. Spain, for example, Costa-Dorada will provide the vacationer with everything that the heart craves: promenade, walks, sports and beach. There are thermal springs in a neighboring resort, it is recommended to combine with bathing in the sea. There are water parks and attractions in the suburbs. You can get on a tourist bus. Anyone who loves to tickle his nerves will appreciate the largest water descent in Europe (31 meters).Alternative – the beaches of the Indian Ocean of course, you can go to the shores of the Indian Ocean. The beaches on Goa serve as an excellent decoration for all commercials on the theme of “paradise pleasure”. Seychelles attract photographers: excellent landscapes are obtained against the background of bright blue water and white sand. Surrounded by palm trees, this area is fabulously beautiful, but for bathing here it is shallow.