Honeymoon in Amsterdam

A lot of newlyweds are looking forward to their honeymoon, even more than a wedding. Before a couple who is passionately in love with each other, there is a very difficult choice: where to go on a romantic journey so that the vacation remains unforgettable and deposits in memory for life.

Enjoy the beautiful short city honeymoon and romantic moments in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the city from which you will be delighted and will not remain indifferent. There are many classes here both for those who love art, making walks in museums and wonderful squares, and for those who came for new sensations – visit the red lamps and a variety of cafes. And for lovers, walks on bicycles that take place in the middle of tulip fields are actively relaxing.

The Western and Central District of the city are very suitable in order to make an excellent photo shoot of your married couple. Here you will find many cozy narrow streets and old houses that are very similar to the scenery. You will just look great in their background in the photographs.

In Amsterdam, any couple will find classes that they love. There are excellent attractions in the suburbs. You can go to the Artis Zoo, take a walk amstel or visit the flower park, and seeing windmills is generally a rarity.

In a flower park for romantics, you can rent bicycles and make a magnificent bicycle walk with your loved one, which you will remember for a long time. You will enjoy the purity of flower air and will be fascinated by the beauty of the fields, where a lot of beautiful flowers bloom. These landscapes are simply charming and excellent.

After your honeymoon, you really want to return to Amsterdam again. And this is not because you will not have time to see everything, but because the city simply enchants and fascinates you with its magic, you just fall in love with it.

You can also take boat walks through the channels. Take the royal palace on the Lamia Square. Go to a new or old church and enjoy organ music. Only in Amsterdam you can see 14 bridges at the same time if you stand on the bridge in the place where the channels of Herenggracht and the regulatory graphs interspers. And only here the broadest bridge of the Singel channel and the house, which is considered the narrowest in the world. And you should also try Dutch cuisine in one of the cozy restaurants of the city and try the famous Gene of Holland, who insist on juniper berries.

The traditional cuisine of the Dutch is famous for its famous dish – “Dutch sushi”, which includes herring, onions and pickles. In the cafe you can enjoy the famous desserts.

The honeymoon in Amsterdam is romance, mystery and a huge number of romantic places for lovers. This city is the most tolerant, experimental and original of all cities of the civilized world!