Egypt – ancient and modern.

Acquaintance with this country begins with school textbooks of history – the ancient Egyptian kingdom, pharaohs, pyramids. Which of us was not fascinated by the majestic pyramids, the debate about the construction and origin of which is being carried out to this day. And even, closing the textbook, making lessons and grabbing roller skates, the desire to see the pyramids did not pass through. Now with the realization of this dream it has become much simpler – burning tours to Egypt can be found at almost any time of the year and any tour operator. But it’s better not to be kept on tempting discounts, but to choose the most comfortable time for a trip. Since the air temperature in the summer can reach 40 degrees, and a dry hot wind from the desert, complicates breathing and carries dust with it. The optimal time for a trip is autumn or spring. Film complexes of pharaohs – pyramids are located in different places of Egypt. But the most remarkable and well -preserved to this day is the pyramids in Giza, the suburbs of Cairo. The famous cheraps pyramid is the decoration of all textbooks on the history of Ancient Egypt and a kind of symbol of the modern Egypt is located there. It is located in the Libyan desert, and together with the pyramids of Hefren and Miker is a complex of pyramids, near which the silent desert guard is proudly sitting – a large Sphinx. The simplicity and asceticism of the interior only emphasize the external greatness and colossal dimensions of the pyramid. Quite often, tourists on excursions are offered to wear, no, not sliding skates, but special hats that protect the nose and mouth from dust. Such protection is especially necessary if you go on a walk on the ATVs in the desert. There is no need to talk about the need for sunglasses, as a rule, there is no desire to shoot them once again. In addition to the Egyptian pyramids, to get acquainted with the ancient kingdom in Luxor – the capital of Ancient Egypt, and now quite a modern resort. The Luxor Temple and the Sphinx Valley in Karnak – a small village on the site of ancient Thebes can be called truly reserves of history. And the most remarkable finds are small sculptures, reliefs, figurines are collected in the Luxor Museum. And finally, having touched, do not forget about ancient history about the present time – to lie on the sea coast, plunge into the warm waters of the sea, buy souvenirs and take a lot of photos. After all, I want to save such an impressive trip not only in memory, but also before my eyes.