We are going on vacation to the islands

The choice of a place for summer vacation is perhaps even a more pleasant activity than the rest itself. From the proposals of the market of the tourism industry in the eyes and often limiting factors are only finances and vacation time. Before you decide on the choice, read the stories of tourists. They will help you choose exactly what you need. Recently, the public, tired of Turkey and Egypt, often stops choosing in Greek resorts or even more warm Cyprus. It contributes to this and reducing the cost of recreation here in connection with the financial crisis in countries. Greece is one of the few European countries that professes Orthodoxy close to Russian tourist. Perhaps because of this, as well as the similarities of mentality, Russian-speaking tourists are very fond of here and meet with pleasure. The unity of religions contributes to another type of tourism: wedding. Wedders that are held here against the backdrop of magnificent nature and beautiful places for magnificent photo shoots on any topic, whether it is sea, mountains or historical events, are particularly sophisticated and touching. If in other countries you can only conduct a purely symbolic ceremony, then in Greece you can get married according to all the canons of the Orthodox Church. And then hold an unforgettable photo shoot on the seashore or at ancient ruins. Very often, tourists combine hotel-fast rest with a sea cruise in numerous Greek Islands. An indisputable plus of rest in Greece is its amazing cuisine, as well as a delicious wine. Purchase lovers can immediately indulge in rampant shopping. One of the most popular and cozy Greek islands is Corfu, for many centuries, representatives of the European nobility began to rest on it. It is worth recalling at least the empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Elizabeth, whose monument is erected on this island. This island is called little Italy for its numerous monuments of the ancient era. The island of Kos is suitable for those who do not want to spend all the time on the beach, but plans to see as many surrounding islands as possible – its location in this sense is the most successful. And, of course, you cannot ignore the rest on the island of Cyprus, where for a Russian tourist there is everything that the soul wants. Wonderful hotels of Cyprus, in which most staff speak Russian, cozy restaurants with delicious dishes of local cuisine. And if you are starting to torment longing for your homeland, at a resort such as Ayia-Napa you will easily find a lot of cozy institutions where real borscht and dumplings are prepared. But this, of course, is not all. Here, as in Greece, there are a lot of entertainment, evening shows on the territory of hotels, incendiary dances in clubs and right on the streets or a relaxing vacation. And here live very hospitable people who will make your vacation carefree and pleasant. A very pleasant vacation bonus in Cyprus is an opportunity to walk freely along the coast. There is no one unpleasant phenomenon familiar in the Crimea and some resorts of the Russian Federation. According to local laws, it is forbidden to block access to the sea, even if your house is in the first line. In addition to well -groomed sandy territory, even along the private sector, paths for walking with benches for relaxation are stretched.