Egyptian resorts

Egypt attracts more and more tourists from around the world. And not only thanks to their great historical heritage – pyramids, but also thanks to the gracious climate for rest, as well as the splendor of the water of the Red Sea. In addition, many Egyptian resorts can offer their guests a first -class service and a fascinating rest.

1) Hurghada. It is considered the most popular resorts of Egypt. There are a large number of hotels offering tourists good service and attractive prices. Another feature is the location of the resort – near the Red Sea.

Charm El Sheikh

2) charm – El – Sheikh. Located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. This resort can offer unforgettable sensations to all lovers of underwater exotic. Here you can enjoy the underwater landscapes, diving with scuba gear directly from the beach.

3) Soma Bay, Makadi Bay. These resorts appeared relatively recently. Designed, first of all, for tourists who prefer a calm and quiet vacation by the sea. The hotels of the resort are located in a deserted place, away from the noise and bustle of a large city. Nevertheless, they can boast of an excellent service and quality maintenance.

4) El – Guna. Gorgeous resort in its exotic. Separate houses are located on the islands, which are interconnected through various transitions and bridges. This is real Venice on the Red Sea. There are comfortable zones and economy – class. Nevertheless, the resort is considered a place of elite level.

5) Safag. Perhaps this resort is not as popular as, for example, Hurghada, but it is very popular with diving and windsurfing lovers. Safaga is also famous for the fact that there is absolutely pure white sand, which has various healing properties. Is widely used in the treatment of all kinds of skin diseases.

6) Dahab. The so -called blue hole brought the worldwide popularity to this resort – the most unique place for diving in the world. It is also considered very dangerous. That is why the resort is very popular both among divers, and just among lovers of thrills.

7) Taba. One of the most picturesque resorts is very attractive thanks to its magnificent landscapes of the sea coast, rocks and canyons. In addition, a toba boasts the presence of several national attractions. Numerous sightseeing trips and the charm of nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

8) Mars Allam. One of the key southern Egyptian resorts on the Red Sea coast. Due to the fact that this resort is considered one of the youngest, it attracts a huge number of tourists who want to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature, not yet touched by civilization.

9) Asuan. The resort is located on the famous Nile River. It is considered an excellent winter resort, since it opens all its beauties at this time of the year. Attracts tourists with the beauty of the thresholds of the Nile and an unusual local color.