United Arab Emirates: the charm of the East and modern infrastructure

UAE is, of course, an oriental fairy tale. Thousands and one night is not enough to tell about all the charms of this country. First of all, European tourists are attracted by a high level of comfort and developed infrastructure. The desire to keep up with the times brought this country to the advanced position in the world resort area. Soak in the rays of the equatorial sun, plunge into the waters of the magnificent Persian Gulf, taste the charms of Arab cuisine, admire the local flavor – all this will certainly make you feel the real Arabic Sheikh!

The UAE is full of ultramodern architecture, shopping and entertainment centers (bowling, water parks, boutiques, restaurants) and, of course, national eastern bazaars. Prices are acceptable, and the level of service at the height. Fans of night life here can find nightclubs, bars, discos.

The country’s climate is subtropical, hot (more than 40C), rains are very rare, mainly in winter. Tourists who are unusual for the heat should visit the Emirates in winter. The water temperature at this time of the year reaches +22C. This feature makes this country unique. In general, you can relax here all year round.

UAE – a Muslim country in which customs and traditions observe and honor. Especially the ancient traditions of hospitality. Here you will certainly meet tea, coffee or cold drinks. In no case should you abandon the treats offered to you, the owner can perceive your refusal as disrespect and insulting his home. Treats should be taken with the right hand. Before entering the house or mosque, you will definitely need to take off your shoes. You should not forget the same (this applies to women) that you cannot sunbathe on the beach “Toples”! Muslims make daily prayers (five times a day), this is reported on radio, television or in the press.

OAE cuisine is common for Arab countries. Since this is a Muslim country, there is no pork in meat dishes. Basically used beef, veal, poultry meat, fish. It is worth trying the traditional shawarma, Kebab, Mutabbal (almost eggplant caviar), Tabul (salad), Tikka-Dajaj (chicken kebab). As for desserts, UMM-Ali (milk pudding), Sherbet, Ash Asaraia (cottage cheese cupcake with cream) are popular here.

UAE consists of tourist zones. One of the most luxurious cities-Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. There are all types of relaxation here, you can be offered an inspection of historical monuments, the choice of any cruises to you, hunting in coral reefs. The UAE has a huge number of hotels for every taste. Their highest level, of course, will amaze you. Hotel Seven Stars of the Arab Tower is the most luxurious hotel where the rooms are literally made of gold or the popular in the world Hotel Burj al Arab. The choice is yours.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the most comfortable rest, amazing nature, the warm waters of the Persian Gulf will certainly make a pastime in the UAE unforgettable!