Elite resort of Karlovy Vary

At different times, Karlovy Vara was a favorite resort of such world celebrities as Leonardo DiCaprio, Mikhail Gorbachev, Goethe, Pierre Richard, Mozart. What did this Czech city deserve such popularity?

Royal History of Karlovy Vare has been reading for more than seven centuries. The foundation of the city is associated with a mystical legend. Once the Roman emperor Charles IV, who was also the Czech king, was on the hunt. Suddenly his horse hooked the stone lying on the ground, a geyser poured from under him. Having regarded this as God’s sign, the king ordered to establish a city at this place. So appeared the world -famous healing resort of Karlova Vary.

Many figures of world politics, culture and art drew strength and energy here. The special chemical composition of water in the mineral springs of the Czech resort makes it unique. Carlovy Var water contain the maximum amount of active components.

From the depths of the earth’s subsoil, 12 sources with pure key water flow. The most intense of the geysers – Vrazhido – located at a depth of about 2 km, is able to throw out 1,500 liters. fluids in 1 minute.

Diseases of the stomach, liver, gall bladder are treated in Carlovy Vary.