European Madrid.

One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Madrid. The capital of no less beautiful and so colorful Spain. This city is a whole cultural heritage, it is surrounded not only by monuments of architecture, but also by huge high -rise buildings. Stormy nightlife is replaced by daytime everyday life, bustle and a great desire for the accomplishment of great exploits. Madrid is literally full of numerous parks, museums, shopping centers, architectural monuments and numerous entertainments, starting from attractions, ending with entire festivals about this, you can read it much more on this site.

History itself reflects this city as a royal. The local kings lived well and flourished here for a long time, they glorified their dynasties and palaces, of course, now it all remained only in world history and in the reflection of local architecture. Thanks to this, churches, cathedrals, monumental buildings and many other architectural creations are now flaunting here. Local attractions also include Puerta del Sol Square, as well as an area called Plaza-Major, it is very old, there was once a market, a place for Corrida and even the ill-fated place of burning rituals at the fire! Of course, these areas attract cognitive tourists. The tourist tour offers many different entertainments, not only delimited to day and night, but also entertainment by season, and that surprisingly every season is new entertainment. To all, the city is absolutely not subject to serious criminal attacks. But, unfortunately, you can not do without small pocket thefts, in principle, as in any developed tourist center. So you should be reverent of your things, especially money and documents. Madrid City with an amazingly developed infrastructure, here you can move not only on cars, buses, taxis or on rented cars, here the most popular vehicle is – Metro. This is not only comfortable, but also one of the cheap options for movement. You can sit here in hostels, expensive and ordinary hotels and hotels. It all depends on the disposable budget. Of course, for convenience when choosing a hotel, you should pay attention to the proximity to sights, this will reduce the costs of the road and justify expectations.

Spain is a hot country not only in the literal sense of the word, but also in a figurative. Burning local flavors, morals and identity, of course, is a local attribute.