Exotic wedding trip. Maldives

There are so unpredictable and charming places for conducting an exotic rest that your imagination will not be able to imagine all their beauty. The honeymoon in the Maldives will surpass all your expectations. Starting the first joint weeks in the Maldives is a unique opportunity to get a blessing of nature itself. However, when going on a wedding trip to the Maldives, do not forget to prepare in advance. In recent weeks, before the upcoming triumph, the wedding organization will take all the time. After the wedding, there will be no time to prepare either. Therefore, prepare the main things in advance, and add the rest to the list so that you do not forget anything. Most of the islands are uninhabited! In the Maldives – the purest air on the planet. The islands consist of corals that have been created for thousands of years, because the duty of each tourist is to be careful about these beautiful creations of nature. The underwater world of the islands is fabulously rich in diverse inhabitants that you can see by engraving or snorkeling. Each tourist island is a separate hotel consisting of several buildings, a bungalow located a few meters from the shore, from where you can observe the wonderful natural phenomena – the sunset and sunrise running in the absolutely transparent turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean waves, floating fish, crustaceans. Maldives cannot be described in two words. Having visited here, you will doubt what day was more important in your life – when your gorgeous wedding in the estate or day took place when you stepped on the Maldives. Maldives is a true paradise on which you will learn the first important lessons necessary in family life. No matter how strange this would seem, but the Maldives, having done everything possible for organizing the tourism industry, puts forward certain requirements for tourists, such as saving electricity, water, respect for nature. There are no electrical stations, garbage processing plants, and fresh water sources in the Maldives. Water is desalued here with special installations, energy is produced by special generators. When spending a honeymoon in the Maldives, you can walk on helicopters or seaplanes over corals, dive and study the unimaginable wealth of the underwater world, engage in any of water sports, enjoy the delicious dishes of European, Indian, Chinese cuisine, inspect the architectural masterpieces of the capital of Male. In addition, you are guaranteed solitude, high -class maintenance and all kinds of entertainment if you wish. Having once visited the Maldives, you will definitely want to return here, even if you have to get married or marry a second time for this!