Exotic vacation in Tropical Hainan

Exotic vacation in Tropical Hainan China is a great country with a history of more than five millennia. For centuries, the Celestial Empire, as it was called and continued to be called all over the world, has always been distinguished by mystery and special, inherent only to her color. What is the unique structure that cannot but cause admiration for all generations of people – the Great Chinese Wall, which extends by several thousand kilometers. This man -made monument to human abilities and perseverance was built for hundreds of years by the hands of Chinese peasants under the guidance of talented architects of antiquity. After the centuries -old decline caused by colonization, China today adequately carries the name of a power claiming world leadership. And tourism is one of the rapidly developing sectors of the Chinese economy.

South of China is glorified by the famous Hainan Island, which is located in the tropics and is one of the centers of tourism. Rest in Hainan attracts tourists with an abundance of sunny days, wonderful landscapes, comfortable modern hotels that have appeared here over the past two decades. The variety of local flora amazes the imagination, numerous plantations of exotic crops give several crops a year. And if there is a corner on Earth, comparable to paradise, then Hainan would be considered one of the applicants. Warm climate, fertile land, hardworking population – this is what a briefly can be said about this beautiful island. And Hainan is also a unique reserve of some rare representatives of the flora, which are guarded under the auspices of UNESCO.

The trips to Hainan are in demand among Russians, because the tourist season is not interrupted here, it lasts all year due to the gracious climate and stable air and water temperature. The main attraction of the island is the amazing imagination by its splendor resort Sanya. Modern hotels with a high level of maintenance and excellent living conditions were hospitably opened by tourists from different countries, including many of our compatriots. Tourists, in addition to traditional entertainment and animation, have the opportunity to get a charge of positive from walking around the sea. In addition, the famous garden of butterflies is of greater interest, the motley tropical coloring of which cannot be described. Holidays on this wonderful island will enjoy any farther of distant wanderings.